Jan. 9th, 2013

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Hey f-list! How are you? Is 2013 treating you well so far? This first week has been fine for me but fingers crossed I don't have a black cat cross my path or get attacked by a turkey (more likely, they have been chasing the mailman) and jinx the whole thing. :) Guess what though? I'm not quite done with 2012. LOL, okay, I thought of doing an end of the year Idols I Have Loved music post since about December 8th but I just haven't gotten things together until now. SO, if everyone isn't over reminiscing yet, here's my contribution!

The criteria for who I was going to discuss in this post was basically: only if I've followed more than one release and actively kept up with their performances, they're in. I like a looooooot of people casually but this post was going to get out of control if I just blabbed about everyone I've had a whirlwind romance with this year. :P These artists were people I, unexpectedly or not, knew and felt a lot about this year!

Since we live in a) the tumblr era and b) the policed YouTube era, I've included both celebratory gifs for each artist (epilepsy warning... in fact, seeing them all together, I really think I should have just used pictures. A LITTLE INTENSE.) and uploaded files if you want to follow along! Sorry if the files are kind of big, I originally made them to make gifs off of and thought why not share. ♥ All files with more than one part need to be joined and then the ending changed from .psd to .mp4. All files of Korean artists (except for one), were originally encoded by Gallade and reencoded to mp4 by me. All files are 720p, with one exception at 450p. :)

Click the spoiler to find out if you are interested in the people represented in the post (or don't and be surprised). Also, there are spoilers for one Kouhaku performance in this post, click for which one: Arashi, Kanjani8, Hey! Say! JUMP, Perfume, f(x), Miss A, Gain, Jokwon, Seo In Guk! Contains spoilers for Kanjani8's Kouhaku performance, if you haven't seen it yet!

Idols I Have Loved
Favorites of 2012
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