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I take a lot of caps that I don't wind doing anything with, I just can't resist documenting the moment. So I thought it might be fun to do a little post of caps I probably wouldn't use otherwise! With cuts for each section, it case there are spoilers for you. :)

Youkai Ningen Bem (no spoilers) )

Luther (slight spoilers for the pilot) )

Ohno in HnA 2012.01.19 with Ishihara Satomi )

Oshima Yuko's Face! )

A Jim/Pam The Office Rewatch )

Karina on AnS #31 2007.04.30 )

Adam Couple in WGM Horror Special )

Mogura Team in DnA #76 2004.12.15 )
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So I'm back with my next lady installment! LOL, I need to get to these faster if I ever want to reach my 31~ Anyway, I didn't realize that I had listed these two next to each other but it's another actress from the show LIFE! Which I have not seen. So it really should not be that notable to me, I guess. XD

30. Kitano Kii

When my appendix was taken out, I held out for about 15 seconds under full-body anesthesia! )
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I didn't finish putting together the post I was working on, so instead I'm going to do a lazy post to meet my weekly quota! Here, have an outfit post! :D

pictures~ )
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This is a project from last November, otherwise known forever as "that month Top stopped watching everything else and fell headlong into We Got Married". :D It's only really in the last half a year that I've really gotten into kpop and as a result, korean variety programming. I started off with Kiss and Cry (skating show of my heart), then Running Man (which is an excellently fun scaled-up version of hide-and-seek whether you know the celeb in it or not) and then the Heechul related Good Daddy (Heechul and Hongki Have Daughters). Yet I feel my true match came in We Got Married. Two idols pretend to be married and basically play one bit of domestic fluff after another? SIGN ME UP.

Anyway, the Adam Couple (Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-in and 2AM's Jokwon) are still my reigning favorite. ("Adam" means "small, petite, tiny" and became their couple name because they are both of a small stature. SO CUTE. :DD) They are just so unusual, I love how they completely switch up all these gender stereotypes. Basically, it's a "real-life" noona romance, one of my very favorite drama tropes. :DD Ga-in is such badass (Jokwon on Ga-in: "When and how can I protect my wife? After seeing my wife today, I realized that this woman can survive anywhere.") and Jokwon is so.. himself. (Ga-in on Jokwon: "I just wanted a normal man. Not like this man who seems like a variety show every day.") :D LMAO, actually in episodes 3 and 4, I got all nervous that I wouldn't like them after hearing so much about how everyone loves the Adam Couple. Jokwon was giving her such a hard time and I hadn't yet gotten used to how Jokwon he is all the time and I just thought it wasn't going to work for me! I'm so glad I pushed through that. The magic of the Adam Couple is that despite their differences, they mesh together amazingly well and turn the simplest of scenarios into something hilarious. The process is what makes them something special. ♥ Now I've totally been converted and, if you were to look in these flaily notes I have been writing to myself while I watch the episodes, they are full of all these affectionate sobriquets. Nothing but "Kwonnie" and "the tiny husband" and "our wife" now. THE ADAM COUPLE PROVED INESCAPABLE. :D

And so, I found myself in desperate need of some simple wallpapers. I had a lot of fun working on these. ♥

+ 4 )

(If anyone wants to talk We Got Married, I'm currently watching Adam Couple, Khuntoria, Woojung, Brave Couple and Teukso! :D)
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For my weekly post I've decided it's time of start a series of posts I've wanted to do for a loooong time! When I was first getting into jfandom, [ profile] biases's Hovember posts were this super fun festival that introduced me to a lot of new people. However, they were all male-type people. :) There's always been much less of a concentrated fandom for the various women I love (though I notably remember alia's girlcrush series!), so that brings us to MY NEW CHALLENGE:
31 Days of Ladies

The basics:
I'm not good at posting on a strict schedule so rather than this being straight through for a month, I'm just going to make thirty one posts about women! Whenever I get there is fine!

This particular challenge I'm going to limit to Japan. Korea is a relatively new interest for me and it's just easier to mentally divide them otherwise I'll never narrow things down.

Since I love a lot of people (I love a lot of people), this isn't going to be a comprehensive list of favorites. I want it to be a bit of a mix of people I want to see more of and people I already love. So there will probably be NOTABLE EXCLUSIONS but that doesn't mean I don't love someone, just that I didn't feel like picspamming them for any number of reasons.

I will try to have them in a vague ranking BUT that might soon go to all hell when I want to picspam someone's face now rather than later. But I will try! :)

There might be more than one lady in a post!

So, if you come across a lady you like or you just want pretty pictures of pretty people being pretty, welcome! :) I tend to go on long google-imaging jags whenever I get interested in someone, so hopefully you can benefit from my obsessive searching tendencies. :DD

First up,
31. Seki Megumi

<3<3<3<3 )

Unofficial rule, I have to answer comments on the previous post before posting the next one!!


Feb. 9th, 2012 01:33 pm
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So LJ, let's be straight, I miss you. I miss posts with actual html. I miss putting more than four pictures together. I miss the commenting system. And since Val used her month-before-the-day-after-her-half-birthday wish to encourage me to post more here, I thought I'd make a proposition to myself. I'm going to try to post once a week! Something fandom related! A random picture I took! Anything! Considering a common way I relax is to work on things in photoshop until they are 80% and then never post them, I think there is a backlog that could help me here. ;) Consistency has never been my strong suit but I am officially challenging myself! GAUNTLET THROWN.

To kick things off, the very first thing I watched after I issued this challenge to myself: Lucky Seven Ep 1! I'm a little behind the times, drama-wise. I mean, not even just three episodes worth here. I still haven't um, started several of the dramas I meant to watch last season (Nazodi, cough cough). But time presses on and so does my screencap folder. To the spam!

Lucky Seven Episode 1
I'm always up for a good team )
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Recently I've been moderately active over on tumblr so I thought I'd share something that tumblr inspired over here to spur on more lj posts! A couple days ago, neitaro started a Yasu Appreciation Day! I was a little slow on the draw on that actual day but it still made me think I wanted to make something special to show my Yasu appreciation. :) I settled on wallpapers of one of my favorite Yasu shoots, Wink Up 2008.02! Thanks for the inspiration, [ profile] neitaro! :DD

+ 1 alternate )
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Woo! I finished one! This is for [ profile] aegistheia, who suggested I flail over LIFE ~me no mae no muko e~ in my last post (which people are still free to add to)! Thank you for the excellent topic, this was a fun one to spam! LIFE is one of my three favorite singles that have come out since I entered the fandom. As it didn't seem too tough to do a couple of these, I decided to cap it and everything. :) And also this is a little bit for Tee, who got me revved up with her piqued interest in Eito. :D

Kanjani8's LIFE ~me no mae no muko e~ from MS 2010.08.27

Even if it's not for the others and you live only for yourself / I'm sure that you can create somebody else's smile )
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So Val had this idea of posting about the groups she loves and since I am currently at Val's house (♥♥♥) her wheedling for me to do it too was particularly affecting. ♥ The rules were simple:
"people I love" is vague and unhelpful, because I love many people in many different ways. For the purposes of this post, I have decided that the criteria is this: if I watch their pvs as they come out, each of them, then the group counts here.

THEREFORE, there are several groups that are new to me/release a lot of PVs that I love as much or more than some featured here. ALSO I HATE PICKING FAVORITES BECAUSE IT ALWAYS FEELS UNTRUE THE NEXT DAY. So it is the favorite of this very second. OKAY, DISCLAIMERED.

love is impossible to contain without boundaries )
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Oh, Beautiful World Tour! You may not actually be a world tour but I'm still feeling the love halfway around the world. ♥♥ So, I thought I'd share the little part of love I contributed to the "Beautiful World": art! Art I made in real life, whaaat! :D I'd actually planned to make a post about this months ago but then I got all self-conscious. [ profile] phrenk's birthday has given the final push to get this posted! Happy Birthday, Val. :)

So in case it passed you by, there was a notice put up on Johnny's Net: Arashi entreating their fans to send them art, whatever makes up their "beautiful world", for the upcoming tour! When asked "Will you help participate in the concert?", I thought immediately " YES, I really want to do this".

Overly lengthy making of! )

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Kim Yuna's Kiss & Cry

So, I'm totally obsessed with the Korean variety show, Kiss & Cry. It's just such a perfect combination of things I like: figure skating, Kim Yuna and Korean celebrities. Okay, when I started, I only knew IU but I've now been entirely sucked into the competition and become invested in everyone. So invested that I want to flail a little about the pairs, especially the three (hahaha, yes, three) I'd like to see win.

SPOILER WARNING: Nothing spoilery for who wins as this was all written when I had only seen up to episode 12 (though I've now seen episode 13). However I picked a favorite program for a bunch of people and there are pictures so spoilers for music and program choices! There are gif spoilers of episode 9 and nothing past episode 12! :D

How is this not super highly rated television in Korea, I'll never know! )
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Val and I happened to sync up in our watching of City Hunter for an episode and we were SO ENTHRALLED by this one scene that we decided to do a challenge! Twenty caps! Our one and only rule! Okay, getting this one scene down to only twenty caps almost killed me so take that as a recommendation. :DD

Spoilers for A REALLY GOOD PART of episode 8! )
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DRAMAS. DRAMAS ARE THE BEST, YOU GUYS. ♥ I'm currently in this wonderful period where all the dramas I'm watching are THE BEST! I know that I have a tendency to love love love things when I'm watching but for me, this is a remarkable time in how many things I love this much.

We're going to start with my #1 love: CITY HUNTER. It's been everyone's favorite new drama for a while but I only started watching it three weeks ago, okay?? OKAY. I looooooooove City Hunter. So much so that I take a billion caps of everything and then do nothing with them. ;) This post is brought you by Val's insistence that I don't need to make the best City Hunter post that has ever been and can instead just post caps that strike my fancy.

Recommended if you like vigilantes and the petite girls who throw them to the ground three times an episode.

RANDOM CAPS, AHOY! (spoilers for eps 1 & 2) )
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Okay, so, I've been watching a few new (to me, this one is from 2003 :D) dramas lately and taking some caps thinking I could just post them on Tumblr without any fuss... but then came the issue of how-spoilery-is-too-spoilery and then I just missed the ease of lj cuts! So, for your perusal if you so choose, a little spam of one of my current dramas:

Good Luck!!

Good Luck!! really has that feeling of being a classic drama to me. It takes a simple set-up, being a commercial jet pilot in this case, adds a number of conflicts and a steady romance, and sets off! While there's no doubt being a pilot is a pretty cool occupation, I love the straightforwardness of picking a profession and exploring all the interest that is to be had in it. I'm sure some people will find it cliché but all I get is delightful and comforting. :)
Spoilers for the basic concepts, a small selection of caps mostly from the first three episodes! )
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I almost forgot! I have something perfect for today's occasion! So, at the beginning of March, [ profile] tika_veilan was very nice to me and I said I would make her something in return. She suggested a Yoko wallpaper and I had an idea for one that I put together quickly but due to the events of that month, I kind of forgot about it and it was sadly never posted. No longer!

Happy 30th Birthday, Yoko! ♥
Thank you for being the most hilarious, immature, determined, shy, relatable and loving super idol around. As soon as I "met" Yoko, I knew there was room in my heart for all of Eito and my life has been all the better for it. I hope there's lots of bbqs and Monhan hours and brother time in your week. Feel free to live your thirties however you'd like but please keep letting us see that heart of glass sometimes. ♥

+ 1 alternate )
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Okay, this is what happens during Fandom March Madness. I both think, "Wow, I need to watch so many new shows!" (Miranda, Community, Downton Abbey) and "I miss this so much, I must rewatch!" Guess which I am doing? *predictable* Now I have also been rewatching Farscape (♥♥♥ YES, I LOVE IT) but this post is not about that (though I made gifs). Instead, dial back to the year 1999 when Young Top was thirteen. Thaaaaat's right, I bring you a gratuitous spam of DAWSON'S CREEK which probably the younger of my flisters haven't even experienced since it was twelve years ago (!!!). Or even more specifically, a spam of my narrow interest in the show: Pacey and Andie. Yup, I never even boarded the Pacey/Joey Express because I am a chronic monogamist and could love only them. AND BECAUSE THEY ARE THE GREATEST. ♥

Originally I was going to tumble a few screencaps but then I wanted to talk about ALL OF THEM. So yes, spoilers for their scenes but they are SPOILERS OF DELIGHT AS I TRY TO ENSNARE YOU WITH MY LOVE:

Dawson's Creek 2x01: THE MEET CUTE )
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Okay, my poor flisters who have been very kind and humoring me, we are almost down to the end. Not because it's actually the end but because most of the people I really have been rooting for are about to get knocked out! I have just two voting suggestions today:

Leslie Knope. Dana Scully.
The new inspiration for uncool people who care too much
and the original and much imitated lady of sci fi. ♥

(vote! polls close between 1-2pm est!)

For more information on why you too should love them see this glowing explaination of Leslie Knope and for Scully... pretty much any post about her on Fandom March Madness. But also this fanvid to "Short Skirt, Long Jacket". :DD

Oh yeah and since I offered this to [ profile] tika_veilan in my thankfulness yesterday, I will make you a graphic of your choice with the subject of your choice if you go and vote (or have already voted). [ETA: I will not inquire about the content of said vote. That is between you and your ballot box and Leslie Knope would not approve of voter corruption. :D] ♥
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Man, loving so hard is stressful (see my desperate thrown together pimp of Aeryn earlier in the day and my meltdown over Juliet later). Please console me by either voting for them or leaving love for one of them in the comments? :DD *group huuuuuug*

Juliet. Aeryn. Leslie.
If you don't know and love them, you are missing out. ♥


(Chipping in for Mal is also appreciated, see title.)
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Flist! The time is upon us, the reckoning is here, it's Fandom March Madness! The prelims are happening, when a character is chosen to represent each fandom. If you don't already play along, I totally recommend that you give it a look because it a can be a ton of fun and it's the best when you get in on the ground floor. ♥ BUT even if you don't have an interest, consider voting in these races? :DD They have been going back and forth all day and the Who race is currently separated by a handful of votes, so each one makes a difference. It would be nice to get some fresh blood into the nominations!

If you like Beyoncé, pink the color, Pink the person, hot dogs or basically anything that is awesome...
Vote Kelly Kapoor from the Office!

Vote The Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who!
Because he brought joy and verve and new life back to the show! Also he dances like a drunken giraffe. ♥
(I would have loved to have a companion represent [I love all the New Who companions: Rose, Donna, Amy, Martha] and I have had my vote as both Rose and Donna but we're down to a two horse race now. :D)

The game is played: here! Polls close Thursday, March 3, 1:00-2:00 PM EST!

Other awesome people in races that aren't as close but still moderately close (either winning or losing):
Hint: I tend to root for the ladies! )
I will not let the bracket tear us apart, if you are voting differently! ♥ Also I apologize in advance for the spam this event generates. At least it is spam of pretty/hilarious/badass people? :DD
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My Favorite Person™, Val, is currently going through a stressful period of her life. While she currently has a lot more to think about than the internet, I want to leave this here as an easily accessible dose of love for whenever she inevitably comes online and needs it. Val, I love you and am sending you positive waves right now! I hope you're able to take things one step at a time and no matter what, I'm proud of you for making changes in your life. In lieu of hugs, please accept this spam of our mutual favorite persons. It's time for a...


Jump on if you like dorkery, candids and miscellaneous old photos! )


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