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Come join us and knock a drama off your list!

Hey all! For all you loyal lj users still checking your flist diligently, I just wanted to let you know that [ profile] folderdropping is once again holding a Drama Finishing Challenge and it starts tomorrow!

If you have some dramas you want try and finish in the next six weeks and want to do it alongside others, feel free to come take a look at the details @ [ profile] folderdropping! ♥

Hope everyone out there is well and for the record, as inconsistent as I always have been with it, I miss lj!
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Jun to Ai
Episode Summaries

Info + Episode Summaries )

[Post to be edited as I continue watching!]
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[I'm crossposting this from my tumblr because a) I was never quite sure which platform this belonged on and b) I'm going to be posting an index post of my episode summaries for the show here and I wanted my flist to have some context of why this is appearing on their flist! :D]

Oh man, I made a possibly ill-advised drama venture but it’s paying off for me so I thought I’d share! :D I’ve never watched an asadora before and I don’t generally watch dramas unsubbed (especially something that promises to be 151 episodes long, even if they are only 15-minute episodes XD) but nevertheless, I am now watching Jun to Ai. The leads lured me in; I have fond feelings for Kazama Shunsuke and I’ve really wanted to see more of Natsuna’s acting. I thought her female Ranma was the best part of that… really something Ranma 1/2 adaption. XD

IN SHORT [just a plot summary but spoilers for the first couple of episodes!], it is about a Kano Jun, the middle child of a family who runs a small hotel on Miwakojima, Okinawa. She looooves the hotel business and goes to Osaka to work at a fancy chain hotel and prove she is a way more deserving business successor than her older brother. However she gets into a lot of scrapes and everyone sort of hates her because she’s brash and uncompromising about making customers happy. There she meets Machida written-as-‘Ai’-but-read-as-‘Itoshi’, a shy, social recluse due largely to his ability to see people’s true natures if he looks them directly in the face. But Jun’s face is different for him because she’s so straightforward that she doesn’t have a hidden face. :) And so starts their strange-but-sweet relationship. ♥ (Their love theme in the BGM is very whimsical, it reminds me a lot of Benny & Joon :D)

I have to say while this one is not getting the skyrocketing ratings that would denote it a classic and I’m sure I would also love the historical asadoras, I really like the tone and format of this show! More than anything, it reminds me of reading a shoujo manga. :D Each day you get a new “chapter” and the end of the week is the end of the volume. The story often flows directly from one chapter to the next. Our heroine is introduced front and center, in fact she narrates her story. We slowly get to know her through daily mishaps and family conflicts. As she starts circling closer to her love interest, so do we and through that, we start exploring his world too. This is a really familiar and really comforting story-telling structure for me!

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Good evening, livejournal! So, I am back from my several month long journey to another country. This post, however, is not about that. Instead, A KDRAMA. XD Of courseeeeee. You can take the internet away from the girl but not the internet out of the girl. Or something. ♥

I'm currently watching Faith and enjoying it thoroughly! When Val and I hit episode 8, we basically flipped out so much over the episode that a challenge was issued immediately afterward: CAP YOUR SEVEN FAVORITE MOMENTS AND TALK ABOUT THEM. It is a testament to this episode that even cutting it to seven was difficult. I REALLY LIKE THIS SHOW BTW. ♥

As this is an episode-specific post, it is presented without trying to explain the context of each scene and with a ton of spoilers. Each scene is titled with what I called it when listing it (which, aw, Val and I did independently ♥) and ordered according to when I cemented in that yes, that scene needs to be on the list.


a little touch of heavenly light )
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DRAMAS. DRAMAS ARE THE BEST, YOU GUYS. ♥ I'm currently in this wonderful period where all the dramas I'm watching are THE BEST! I know that I have a tendency to love love love things when I'm watching but for me, this is a remarkable time in how many things I love this much.

We're going to start with my #1 love: CITY HUNTER. It's been everyone's favorite new drama for a while but I only started watching it three weeks ago, okay?? OKAY. I looooooooove City Hunter. So much so that I take a billion caps of everything and then do nothing with them. ;) This post is brought you by Val's insistence that I don't need to make the best City Hunter post that has ever been and can instead just post caps that strike my fancy.

Recommended if you like vigilantes and the petite girls who throw them to the ground three times an episode.

RANDOM CAPS, AHOY! (spoilers for eps 1 & 2) )
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AUGH, I'm just on such a good drama streak! Or more like, a drama-with-elements-that-feel-tailor-made-for-me streak! Since I only started watching this show due to some adorable graphics I saw on tumblr, I thought I owned it a mini pimp post! It's a coincidence that I finished putting this together on Valentine's Day but it's actually a very appropriate rec for the occasion! I mean, if you're feeling like something sweet and fluffy, sometimes the day inspires the opposite reaction. ;D

My Princess

How is this drama everything that good and sweet and charming in the world? Seriously, this drama is like having someone stop by and just hand me a ice cream sundae every week. Just… it's exactly what I want! I picked this one up when Gumiho was causing me too many feelings and too much inner strife (lol it's not even that serious of a drama, angst weakling alert!) and I was like, "You know what I need? A show about a girl finding out she's a princess." And somehow, magically, this show has lived up to that distillation! It really does feel like the promo pic above! It's not like everything is coming up roses for Lee Seol either, it's just that the heavier moments in the show never weighs me down. They just makes me excited for more!

With minimal spoilers but about fifteen caps, if you don't want to see little things! )
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Ha, so I realize I'm a drama season (or more) behind, but I'm really happy in the dramas I'm currently watching and thought "HEY, I haven't posted about that in a while!". Right now I'm super into:
1) Freeter, Ie wo Kau: Well, I actually just finished it today but I haven't yet moved on. SO GOOD. I seriously have nothing to say just because it fulfilled all my needs and wishes. (Except I could use more kissing. ALWAYS MORE KISSING, JAPAN. XD)
2) Uta no Onii-san: I have two episodes left! As assumed, I LOVE it. YANO KENTA and his face!! MANABE-SAN! hahaha, oh yeah, I'm watching two Maru supporting roles at once. XD Anyway, I'd heard a lot about Manabe-san before watching the show but I've also been pleasantly surprised by his sister Sakura (who is RAD BEYOND THE TELLING and I kind of want to be her), our Uta no Onee-san, Urara and his ex-girlfriend Akane (possibly it has something to do with needing Ohno to look at more people like this). So many ladies in this show! ♥ But YES, my love for YANO KENTA: COMPLAINER and MANABE-SAN: LADY WHO KICKS ASS and EVERYONE ELSE is boundless. :DD
3) The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry: Just HEARTEYES. I really need to post about that next because I love everything about the first seven episodes. Also I need these people to make-out or I may die. PLEASE DON'T SPOIL ME FOR ANYTHING, I NEED TO LIVE IMAGINING EVERYTHING CONTINUES TO BE THIS ~DELIGHTFUL~.
and the target of this post 4) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I've really enjoyed this show from the beginning, the fairytale feel is something I very much dig and the two lead actors are both so great. Though Gu Mi Ho is definitely a show stealer. Yet, it wasn't until episode seven that I really thought that I love this show. So I thought I'd do a little breakdown of moments in that episode that reduced me to total squee. :) Please excuse that these images are both gigantic and numerous, I didn't post this until now because I got overambitious in making things pretty and had left it unfinished.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: Episode 7! Really extensive spoilers for that ep as I loved a lot of stuff! )

Note: I am only on episode 11 so unfortunately I can't actually talk about the conclusion of the show with people. Sorry and please don't tell me anything! ♥
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Wooooo, I've finally completed a post about a drama I'm currently watching! Triumph! This is all thanks to [ profile] phrenk taking up the challenge of choosing 20 caps per episode for our current drama obsession Sungkyunkwan Scandal and posting them over at [ profile] folderdropping. I was brought in as an alternate to do episode two... and wound up going a little overboard with the styling. So, in the spirit of my drama posts of old, here are my 20 favorite caps (all the ones sized the largest) annnnnd some additional caps I couldn't bear to cut (all the smaller caps).

This post is actually a continuation post of [ profile] phrenk's episode one post here! You should totally go read that first because if you don't find her case compelling, there's probably not much I can do! This post is also kind of written as an introduction because I am loser who wound up introducing the characters in a much less succinct way than she did? I don't know, you guys, I can really only write either pimp posts or lists. ♥ This picspam contains most of the main ideas of the show, though obviously nothing past episode two. I tried to include enough information to hook anyone new to the show without having too many spoilers! Proceed with caution if you're really spoiler-phobic but otherwise I hope you'll check it out.

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Okay, I've been watching a lot of things lately but I keep moving on to the next thing before I ever think to post about them! I'm going to try to clear out some of the caps I take and then never use for anything. XD Starting with Devil Beside You, because somehow these faces never appear on my screen without a concurrent desire to SAVE THEM FOREVER. I don't mean this in a patronizing way at all (since I will never claim to have any taste except my own) but I wish this show could bring everyone the joy it brings me. If this drama was a beauty queen contestant, it would want to give everyone in the world a puppy. CHEESY, YES, BUT SO GOOD-HEARTED. ALSO THE PUPPY IS ACTUALLY MIKE HE AND RAINIE YANG MAKING OUT. :D

Episode 15:

I managed to get two episodes down to 74 caps, chalking it up as win! )
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LOVE MY LIFE: Because some nights you just need some girls happily kissing each other. Man, a title rarely so accurately tells me what feelings it's going to inspire! IT MADE ME LOVE MY LIFE BECAUSE I WAS CURRENTLY WATCHING THIS MOVIE. I'll be straight with you (lmao word choice), when I first came across this one on rainscene I thought, "Can it really be happy all the way through? Maybe I'll just skip to the parts where the frolic and make-out, that is really why I'm watching this movie." BUT GUESS WHAT: THAT'S THE WHOLE MOVIE. :DDD I love that this isn't a movie focused on issues or These Characters Being Gay (though it deals with both of those handily!) but rather just two people being in love. They have problems, yes but there's also a lot of adorable running around on beaches and lustily making out in the back of taxicabs. As love goes. ♥ Actually, this was one of my very favorite Japanese movies I've watched yet which may say something about my priorities. XD It's so great and if you appreciate girls in love (who happen to be v. v. pretty, one actress reminds me of Ueda who is, as we all know, a fairy prince himself. XD) and the (thankfully moderate) problems they face, you should definitely watch this. (Oh although it involves some slightly risque sexytimes which are welcome in my book but you should probably know that!)

Cut for a too-large-for-your-flist image and blather about the movie's music! ).

After that, I started watching random Subaru vids from pimp posts which soon turned into me dancing around in my room and performing all the Eito dances I know along with the Countdown DVD. Which is only like Sukiyanen, Osaka, Kyu Ju Show and Zukkoke Otokomichi (which is actually just me shaking my butt in imitation of the PV and not actually a dance XD). (Also I may have been tipsy from the beer that went with the movie beforehand.) (This may have been a contributing factor.) I'm a pretty classy kid, I know. BUT ALSO A RELAXED KID.
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I've just crossed an important JE threshold: I've started buying singles. D: I was in Kinokuniya today and could not resist buying a copy of To Be Free (with the special pretty booklet, kill me now!) and two copies of Wonderful World since I couldn't decide between Prologue of Patch and the RE with the remixes and pretty cover (okay, I was always going to get Prologue of Patch. XD) SORRY, WALLET, YOU WILL NEVER BE FULL AGAIN. At least I drank again my spending choices with five dollar margaritas afterwards (and a mint julep, I like those). XD

In other news: whatever we are calling it, I am beyond excited for NatsuKoi-NatsuNiji-KoiNiji-NEW JUN AND TAKEUCHI YUKO DRAMA. Just when I was getting over my shellshock from the announcement of the casting (TAKEUCHI YUKO, y'all. TAKEUCHI YUKO + JUN), the CM came out. Then we got the news that Arashi is doing the theme for a getsu9 drama and the title is "LOVE RAINBOW". If there was ever a PV that implied we'd be going back to rainbow imagery and/or (I'm hoping "and") coating everyone in rainbow colors, it's this one. After that near brush with death, we get a TAKEUCHI YUKO ON VSA preview.

Life is good. ♥♥ (Be warned: I may be make five million versions of TAKEUCHI YUKO AND JUN, IN RAINBOWS by the time this drama ends. :DD)
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I-I have another first-episode spam? I've fallen, and fallen hard, for Devil Beside You! It's CHEESY and full of CLICHES and DELICIOUS and I LOVE IT WHOLEHEARTEDLY. It's one of those dramas that's totally visceral to watch, there is just no resisting the squee and I haven't even tried in this post! :DD

Devil Beside You
Status: I've seen the first six episodes! Though this post only covers episode one. :)

A whoooole lot of caps from episode one! Spoilers, as there is no way to avoid them with this show. XD )
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I just started a new drama and in the spirit of posting more, I am posting my first impression and not waiting until I finish it. XD Okay, so, I've only seen the first episode but I'm so very pleased by the set-up. So far all signs seem to be pointing to a woman who goes against the terribly-irritating-patriarchal-grain. Oh, show, you know what I like. :)

Magerarenai Onna
Status: Finished episode one.

Some spoilers for the first episode so I can talk about why it is AWESOME. :D )
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Yes! I did it! I was able to complete old icons that were selected by other people in a poll! Ahaha, it's the small things in life. ♥ I actually had a lot of fun making these, there were a few kernels of good ideas that set me off on a flurry of iconning. Nobuta lends itself well to ~snark-with-love~ which is my very favorite kind of icons to make when I feel inspired. Really, I think I say in icon posts everything I would say in a long, winding post made up of words: I am an fan of the OT3 in general, I fell inexplicably and totally in love with Akira, I (lovingly) mock Shuji and his "coolness" in my head, there's a little extra squish in my squishy feelings for Nobuta/Akira, and I'm still amazed by how canon-slashy this show turned out to be. So yes, icons!

Anata ni aitakute, aitakute  )

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As I was a little inspired again but how much I love the drama community (and I've been watching a lot of dramas lately), this post will just be a little catch-up of my recent shows. Warning: I kind of love everything I've been watching. Also, I'm going to try out blocking the spoilery parts, please do the same in the comments and make this a spoiler-free space? Okay? Okay!

Last Friends
Status: Finished and Missed Greatly!
Eight reasons I got along well with this drama! )
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Hi, new JE friends (who are mostly Eito fans because that meme isn't as many pages and I needed more correcting on that front)! It's nice to meet you and although I don't post very often, it's pretty likely to be something Asian. So: score, you get the potentially relevant posts and this one is no exception. ;)

First off, I have exciting news to share! While my buddy [ profile] phrenk and I spend a lot of time randomly blabbering about whatever Arashi thing we're currently watching, she's now really done it and invited me to do a project with her! That's right, posting regularly, watch out! (I was suckered in by making a layout! Cheater! ...Okay that's a LIE, I joyfully asked to be allowed to do that. XD) Our new game is Arashi Concert Roulette, in which which we alternate spinning the Roulette Wheel of Glitziness and are assigned a song from a concert that we must picspam. If you like that sort of thing, come join us! (I'll keep you posted you if we start something with Eito, as we both love them too. I need to picspam them more. ♥)

Hopefully this is just the first project we're going undertake over at our new home of glee:

[ profile] sparklehole: Intro Post | Val's First Assignment | Top's First Assignment

ALSO, I never manage to do this but I should, here's a little recap of the dramas I've been watching lately:
Non-spoilery talk about Spring Waltz, Haikei, Chichiue-sama, My Girl (Japan), Liar Game S1, Tokyo DOGS, Bara no nai Hanaya and Utahime! )
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Time travel, gorgeous historical settings and damn attractive people. What's not to like?

I know, I'm so in love with list picspams right? It's either this or I spam everything in an episode... so lists it is. :) This time I bring you several excellent reasons why you should be watching the Japanese drama JIN (or if you already are, several reasons I love it)! In this drama season, My Girl has been providing me with sap (in a good way) and an opportunity to ogle Aiba consistently while You're Beautiful is just the kind of drama crack I can't get enough of. Yet JIN may still be my favorite drama that I'm watching.

To use my specific frame of reference (please don't judge this show by my taste in other shows! ;) ), JIN is like a combination of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and Rurouni Kenshin. You get the excitement of old-fashioned medicine blended with the intrigue of a transitional time in Japanese history. The series follows Minakata Jin, a surgeon in modern-day Tokyo who is thrown back in time to the Bakumatsu period. He is left to wonder if he'll ever see his fianceé and own time again, creating a new life in the past in the meantime.

A hopefully non-spoilery pimp post! )
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Okay, so, I'm trying to actually post more of the caps I take. This is my usual pattern:
1) Excitedly start capping whatever I'm watching!
2) Take a few (hundred) caps!
3) Get halfway through some icons!
4) Abandon everything and move on to the next thing I'm watching!

I'm efficient, I know. :) Recently, my buddy [ profile] phrenk was kind enough to let me just spam her comm with (uncolored! full size!) You're Beautiful caps. For some reason, it doesn't seem right for me to spam my flist with caps. Is this when people create a filter? Any thoughts are welcome, people who would be seeing these posts. :)

In the meantime, I continued picspamming Nobuta wo Produce:
Nobuta wo Produce Episode 3 Picspam

Akira SHOCK )
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Okay, this is not at all a Halloween themed post! (I did eat a lot of pumpkin bread as it was put together. Mmm, pumpkin. ...Ooh also, you should go over to [ profile] dorama_watch and help us pick some awesome Asian horror to watch before we close the polls tonight!) Instead a little drama update: I have fallen for a new show and it's name is Nobuta wo Produce!

Nobuta wo Produce Episode 2 Picspam


I will be watching more Nobuta SOON. I can see why this is a classic!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I'm also watching currently airing dramas for the first time. My Girl continues to be a delightful mix of thin t-shirts on Aiba, very dubious parenting decisions and the most adorable little girl in the world. Plus, You're Beautiful! All the flist love sold me on the idea and it's bringing me vast amounts of joy. I mainlined the first four episodes and will watch the fifth today or tomorrow because the sweet sweet crack has me addicted. I love Tae Kyung (or as my brain thinks of him, Korean popstar Snape. His guyliner and straight-ironed bangs! ♥ ) He just looks so put upon all the time and I love his unhappy face. Similarly I adore Jeremy, that kid can angrily eat fruit and wreak extremely mild vengeance like no other. ...Okay, I really just wrote something so I could post this gif:

HAHAHA, he's so great!


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