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Yesterday I attended the Stand Up for Women's Health rally for Planned Parenthood in Foley Square, NYC! I had a really good time, I think I like rallies! I like yelling and cheering and wearing a theme color and being justifiably angry about things! So I thought I'd post a few of the highlights here, to spread the rally spirit. :D

For anyone who needs a little catching up (lol, I am not an expert so this is only from my own recent catching up!), last week the House passed the Pence amendment which seeks to terminate Title X, a U.S. government program that provides for family planning services. About $315 million is spent in total, with $75 million going to Planned Parenthood. This money subsidizes the cost of HIV tests, birth control pills, various cancer screenings and more, things that might otherwise be inaccessible: whether to those who have a low-income, to those without insurance or even to those who can't consult their usual physician for whatever reason. Note: none of that money goes towards abortions, which rely on private funding only. While the GOP has repeatedly framed this as a budget concern, um, $315 million is not going to weigh heavily on a 3.82 trillion dollar budget. This is nothing short of a values issue and a direct attack on women's health and women's rights in this country, something we really cannot stand to give an inch on. Next up is the Senate vote, which a lot of people are optimistic will shoot this down, but it is vitally important to make our voices heard in this moment. HENCE: RALLY!

Now because a serious cause is still an occasion for an ~outfit~, here's what I wore that day! :DD
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