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Okay, my poor flisters who have been very kind and humoring me, we are almost down to the end. Not because it's actually the end but because most of the people I really have been rooting for are about to get knocked out! I have just two voting suggestions today:

Leslie Knope. Dana Scully.
The new inspiration for uncool people who care too much
and the original and much imitated lady of sci fi. ♥

(vote! polls close between 1-2pm est!)

For more information on why you too should love them see this glowing explaination of Leslie Knope and for Scully... pretty much any post about her on Fandom March Madness. But also this fanvid to "Short Skirt, Long Jacket". :DD

Oh yeah and since I offered this to [ profile] tika_veilan in my thankfulness yesterday, I will make you a graphic of your choice with the subject of your choice if you go and vote (or have already voted). [ETA: I will not inquire about the content of said vote. That is between you and your ballot box and Leslie Knope would not approve of voter corruption. :D] ♥
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Man, loving so hard is stressful (see my desperate thrown together pimp of Aeryn earlier in the day and my meltdown over Juliet later). Please console me by either voting for them or leaving love for one of them in the comments? :DD *group huuuuuug*

Juliet. Aeryn. Leslie.
If you don't know and love them, you are missing out. ♥


(Chipping in for Mal is also appreciated, see title.)
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Flist! The time is upon us, the reckoning is here, it's Fandom March Madness! The prelims are happening, when a character is chosen to represent each fandom. If you don't already play along, I totally recommend that you give it a look because it a can be a ton of fun and it's the best when you get in on the ground floor. ♥ BUT even if you don't have an interest, consider voting in these races? :DD They have been going back and forth all day and the Who race is currently separated by a handful of votes, so each one makes a difference. It would be nice to get some fresh blood into the nominations!

If you like Beyoncé, pink the color, Pink the person, hot dogs or basically anything that is awesome...
Vote Kelly Kapoor from the Office!

Vote The Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who!
Because he brought joy and verve and new life back to the show! Also he dances like a drunken giraffe. ♥
(I would have loved to have a companion represent [I love all the New Who companions: Rose, Donna, Amy, Martha] and I have had my vote as both Rose and Donna but we're down to a two horse race now. :D)

The game is played: here! Polls close Thursday, March 3, 1:00-2:00 PM EST!

Other awesome people in races that aren't as close but still moderately close (either winning or losing):
Hint: I tend to root for the ladies! )
I will not let the bracket tear us apart, if you are voting differently! ♥ Also I apologize in advance for the spam this event generates. At least it is spam of pretty/hilarious/badass people? :DD


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