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I take a lot of caps that I don't wind doing anything with, I just can't resist documenting the moment. So I thought it might be fun to do a little post of caps I probably wouldn't use otherwise! With cuts for each section, it case there are spoilers for you. :)

Youkai Ningen Bem (no spoilers) )

Luther (slight spoilers for the pilot) )

Ohno in HnA 2012.01.19 with Ishihara Satomi )

Oshima Yuko's Face! )

A Jim/Pam The Office Rewatch )

Karina on AnS #31 2007.04.30 )

Adam Couple in WGM Horror Special )

Mogura Team in DnA #76 2004.12.15 )
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This is a project from last November, otherwise known forever as "that month Top stopped watching everything else and fell headlong into We Got Married". :D It's only really in the last half a year that I've really gotten into kpop and as a result, korean variety programming. I started off with Kiss and Cry (skating show of my heart), then Running Man (which is an excellently fun scaled-up version of hide-and-seek whether you know the celeb in it or not) and then the Heechul related Good Daddy (Heechul and Hongki Have Daughters). Yet I feel my true match came in We Got Married. Two idols pretend to be married and basically play one bit of domestic fluff after another? SIGN ME UP.

Anyway, the Adam Couple (Brown Eyed Girls' Ga-in and 2AM's Jokwon) are still my reigning favorite. ("Adam" means "small, petite, tiny" and became their couple name because they are both of a small stature. SO CUTE. :DD) They are just so unusual, I love how they completely switch up all these gender stereotypes. Basically, it's a "real-life" noona romance, one of my very favorite drama tropes. :DD Ga-in is such badass (Jokwon on Ga-in: "When and how can I protect my wife? After seeing my wife today, I realized that this woman can survive anywhere.") and Jokwon is so.. himself. (Ga-in on Jokwon: "I just wanted a normal man. Not like this man who seems like a variety show every day.") :D LMAO, actually in episodes 3 and 4, I got all nervous that I wouldn't like them after hearing so much about how everyone loves the Adam Couple. Jokwon was giving her such a hard time and I hadn't yet gotten used to how Jokwon he is all the time and I just thought it wasn't going to work for me! I'm so glad I pushed through that. The magic of the Adam Couple is that despite their differences, they mesh together amazingly well and turn the simplest of scenarios into something hilarious. The process is what makes them something special. ♥ Now I've totally been converted and, if you were to look in these flaily notes I have been writing to myself while I watch the episodes, they are full of all these affectionate sobriquets. Nothing but "Kwonnie" and "the tiny husband" and "our wife" now. THE ADAM COUPLE PROVED INESCAPABLE. :D

And so, I found myself in desperate need of some simple wallpapers. I had a lot of fun working on these. ♥

+ 4 )

(If anyone wants to talk We Got Married, I'm currently watching Adam Couple, Khuntoria, Woojung, Brave Couple and Teukso! :D)


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