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Man, loving so hard is stressful (see my desperate thrown together pimp of Aeryn earlier in the day and my meltdown over Juliet later). Please console me by either voting for them or leaving love for one of them in the comments? :DD *group huuuuuug*

Juliet. Aeryn. Leslie.
If you don't know and love them, you are missing out. ♥


(Chipping in for Mal is also appreciated, see title.)
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Flist! The time is upon us, the reckoning is here, it's Fandom March Madness! The prelims are happening, when a character is chosen to represent each fandom. If you don't already play along, I totally recommend that you give it a look because it a can be a ton of fun and it's the best when you get in on the ground floor. ♥ BUT even if you don't have an interest, consider voting in these races? :DD They have been going back and forth all day and the Who race is currently separated by a handful of votes, so each one makes a difference. It would be nice to get some fresh blood into the nominations!

If you like Beyoncé, pink the color, Pink the person, hot dogs or basically anything that is awesome...
Vote Kelly Kapoor from the Office!

Vote The Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who!
Because he brought joy and verve and new life back to the show! Also he dances like a drunken giraffe. ♥
(I would have loved to have a companion represent [I love all the New Who companions: Rose, Donna, Amy, Martha] and I have had my vote as both Rose and Donna but we're down to a two horse race now. :D)

The game is played: here! Polls close Thursday, March 3, 1:00-2:00 PM EST!

Other awesome people in races that aren't as close but still moderately close (either winning or losing):
Hint: I tend to root for the ladies! )
I will not let the bracket tear us apart, if you are voting differently! ♥ Also I apologize in advance for the spam this event generates. At least it is spam of pretty/hilarious/badass people? :DD
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So, as I teased a little in my last entry, I have another group that has swept into my life and demanded I spread my love a little farther. It's all thanks to the adorable girls of Perfume! I've long been in need of a girl group to call my own (because every day needs more ruffles and dancing in high heels is really a whole different skillset) but the badass ladies of the kpop world always seemed a little distant from my normal circles.

Whereas with Perfume, I got to slowly circle in: seeing A~chan be amazingly tennen on VSA, reading a fanfic starring Nocchi, and finally the glory of the Arashi ∞ Perfume dance collaboration! (♥!) A show that made me sit up and say I NEED TO WATCH THE SHIT OUT OF ALL THINGS PERFUME. :D And henceforth, I was lost to the hazy land of techno and flounces and sugary laughter.

I have finally emerged, stronger but now with the word "disuko" forever echoing in my head, and ready to share! And what a better way to do that than with a CHALLENGE. I've been having such a fun time falling in love alongside both [ profile] phrenk and [ profile] ohmyghost and HEY, there are three of us and three Perfume members! :D SO: we have each been assigned by the randomizer a member and set forth to cap their angle of the PV Macaroni a.k.a. the cutest/prettiest/best thing in your day! The twist: a 25 cap limit! I know. :D

Macaroni PV
Kashiyuka in 25 Shots

Do you like pretty people? Well, then you should click on this. Period. XD )


You should REALLY check those out too because I am only giving you one third of the picture! Imagine how many more smiles you could have in your day! Plus, those people posting are pretty entertaining themselves. ♥
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LOVE MY LIFE: Because some nights you just need some girls happily kissing each other. Man, a title rarely so accurately tells me what feelings it's going to inspire! IT MADE ME LOVE MY LIFE BECAUSE I WAS CURRENTLY WATCHING THIS MOVIE. I'll be straight with you (lmao word choice), when I first came across this one on rainscene I thought, "Can it really be happy all the way through? Maybe I'll just skip to the parts where the frolic and make-out, that is really why I'm watching this movie." BUT GUESS WHAT: THAT'S THE WHOLE MOVIE. :DDD I love that this isn't a movie focused on issues or These Characters Being Gay (though it deals with both of those handily!) but rather just two people being in love. They have problems, yes but there's also a lot of adorable running around on beaches and lustily making out in the back of taxicabs. As love goes. ♥ Actually, this was one of my very favorite Japanese movies I've watched yet which may say something about my priorities. XD It's so great and if you appreciate girls in love (who happen to be v. v. pretty, one actress reminds me of Ueda who is, as we all know, a fairy prince himself. XD) and the (thankfully moderate) problems they face, you should definitely watch this. (Oh although it involves some slightly risque sexytimes which are welcome in my book but you should probably know that!)

Cut for a too-large-for-your-flist image and blather about the movie's music! ).

After that, I started watching random Subaru vids from pimp posts which soon turned into me dancing around in my room and performing all the Eito dances I know along with the Countdown DVD. Which is only like Sukiyanen, Osaka, Kyu Ju Show and Zukkoke Otokomichi (which is actually just me shaking my butt in imitation of the PV and not actually a dance XD). (Also I may have been tipsy from the beer that went with the movie beforehand.) (This may have been a contributing factor.) I'm a pretty classy kid, I know. BUT ALSO A RELAXED KID.


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