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OKAY for the people who didn't hear me flail since it was announced: I WAS REALLY REALLY EXCITED FOR SUBARU BAND ON SCP. Now you are caught up for me saying IT LIVED UP TO ALL THE HYPE I WAS CREATING FOR MYSELF AND WAS IN FACT THE BEST THING EVEEERRRRR. And so, a breakdown:

The SCP performance of my ~dreams~... )
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Watch out, folks, it's a Hanson post!

OKAY #1: I finally got to go to another show! November 15th! Northampton, MA! And it was awesome. I went with my dad, who legitimately loves Hanson in his own right. He's owned copies of the last three CDs and listens to them all the time in his car. And we had fourth row seats and rocked out and he even went so far as to jump up and down with me. They played the kickass opening medley and Oh Darlin' and CAN'T STOP and five MoN songs and they seriously almost killed me when the last seven songs were super high energy. I had to collapse into a chair and just breathe for like ten minutes afterwards. But it would have been a happy death, especially for twelve-year-old me. During the encore when Tay came over to grabs people's hands, I surged forward and seriously caught his eye as he was about to walk away and he grabbed my hand last. Okay, I know, nowadays we walk right next to them during the walks before all the shows and it's no big deal but twelve-year-old me remembers and is now fulfilled. :DDDD

(And then unrelatedly, I then got to spend the week with [ profile] phrenk and we watched a ton of JE (DnA's AnA with PEANUT COFFEE, Udauda SP, format switch with MOGURA TEAM and CRYBABY TEAM and COSPLAY FINALLY. And then KAME IN KIMONO, leaping into waterworks and kind of pulling a Tackey (also known as flying all over the venue) and KOKI'S SURPRISE MOTORCYCLE/SHIRT REMOVAL in a solo that began with CLOWNS. And many other !!!! things!)/Kisarazu Cat's Eye/Skins/Life/Capital Scandal and that was just as awesome a part of the trip which is saying a lot. ♥♥)

#2: My 5 of 5 DVDs came in the mail today! For those who remember, that was the series of concerts I went to in May in which they play all five of their albums, one per night. Now since I never finished those posts (posting five days in a week was just too much for me XD) and I'm now watching the DVDs one per day, I thought I'd try this once again! So, HANSON WEEK 2.0! I actually have several Hanson posts I meant to make so I'm going to try to finish them up this week. I'm just working on Hanson time, you guys.

A few thoughts on Night 1 and the 5 of 5 DVDs so far! )

And now, for the first "thing I made a while ago and have been meaning to post"! Basically, if you ordered the fanciest album package for the last record, the Hansons painted you an original painting to go with it. There were 113 people who did it (myself not one of them really sadly) and so, 113 paintings! (As capped in the video here.)
Cut for giant graphic! )

And one final thing, I would be really super thankful to anyone who would go play their latest single on Youtube! We Hanson fans have been trying to get the view count up to one million because they promised us a Christmas concert in return! Though we've missed our deadline and the fate of the Christmas show remains undecided (I think they'll do it anyway because they love us but who knows!), any help would be beyond fantastic! (If you want to actually watch it too, it's pretty entertaining if I do say so myself! There is dorky dancing and a Blues Brothers parody and Weird Al playing the tambourine. ♥)
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I feel like my journal is currently doing a grave injustice to my interests and it's all because I've been waiting to post this post. What have you been missing? Why just how obsessed I am with Eito's latest project, Prologue of Patch and the upcoming ∞UPPERS. I already posted about the last single but the release of LIFE has only ramped up the excitement. UM, GUYS, THEY ARE SOME SORT OF VIGILANTE GROUP, MATCHING CRIME WITH CRIME. I maaaay have watched the 'trailer' for the movie about a million times already. I was honestly surprised and thrilled by how dark and gritty this project is... and by just now much money they spent on them. THIS LEGIT LOOKS AWESOME. The camera work! The typography! Allllll of the music associated so far. Just, I am making starryeyes all the time now when I think of this project. I'm totally getting the fanciest boxset, though I'm not quite crazy enough to get all three. Even though I want to. :D

As a small expression of my feelings, I decided to make character wallpapers. All caps come from somewhere in the footage we've been given and did my best to make an associated symbol central to the design for everyone, though I didn't always wind up going with the most common one. Some of these I like better than others and I wish they'd give us a few more pixels on the DVDs but overall I'm happy! This project was so much fun. :D

Rule #1 of 8: No betraying friends! )

Happy 6th National Debut Anniversary, guys! And a happy birthday to the ossan too! :D
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The day has come! I finally have tackled my own loving feelings when faced with a making of: I capped, I sorted, I conquered! It's quite the process to turn all the keysmashing my thoughts are reduced to into words and pictures but I attempted it.

This PV really might as well be entitled "Caring for Leader: A Guide" with the subtitle "Three Different Methods from Three Different Experts!". The entire making of is basically members loving on Ohno in their own special ways. Plus Aiba being adorable and adorably lonely without them. ♥

And now, the Making of Love Rainbow! Douzo~

I won't move from this spot until you promise to wait for me. )


Sep. 1st, 2010 03:00 am
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Tonight I have been in a very Toma mood! (Again, I know, someday soon I will make real Arashi and Eito posts. XD) So I thought I would post some recent caps of him in honor of Toma's (As Close to Official as We've Come) Website Debut! If anyone has unconventionally earned his stripes, it's you, bb. :D

HnA M5 2010.07.08! )
Unubore Deka Episode 3! With bonus Nagase because how can you not. XD )

Now off to watch Taichi torture five of his kouhai while Leader(2) pleasantly but a little nervously looks on. OH PLUS ARASHI MIGHT DO SOME THINGS, YES. ♥
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10 Reasons Why People Are Crazy for Not Buying TOKIO's NaNaNa:

Or why I now ship TOKIO/TOMA.

Okay, so, this was not the next post I was planning on making! Especially when my usual groups have so much coming out. Yet I was looking at the sales charts recently and thinking "Man! Why isn't TOKIO's single selling better? I like it at the ending of Unubore Deka! They were great on M Sta! They are always so friendly and lovable! What's up with you, Japan?" So then I wandered over to go watch the PV since I hadn't seen it yet... AND IT WAS KIND OF THE GREATEST. I have now escalated to a capslocked WHAT'S UP WITH YOU, JAPAN? and here's why:

Caps of both the PV and the Making Of behind the cut! )

...Next maybe I should tackle capping Eito's new PV without dying? XD
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So this was meant t be the answer to [ profile] skycouldfall 's very simple question on Tumblr: "Who do you like and don’t like in JE?" However, since I'm me, it turned into a longer ramble than I thought it would be so I'm posting this here. Also, since I'm me, all I wrote was: a) what I think of them as a ~person~ and uh, not their looks or acting or music and b) wavering somewhere between empathetic and embarrassingly sincere. I CAN'T EVEN APOLOGIZE FOR THIS, THIS IS HOW INVESTED I AM. (Other things I would apologize for. XD )

Disclaimer! This is a post about what I think and feel (as you will probably get from how many times I use the words "think" and "feel", I'm really stretching the vocab with this one). It isn't necessarily accurate representation of anyone, in fact there are cases where I'm probably wrong and there would be easy evidence to refute it. But I am only thinking and feeling with what I know. Such is life! Also, my default position towards everyone is warmth which means both that everything is said with some degree of that and you shouldn't come here if objectivity or criticism is important to you. :)

Cut for blathering! )

Oh also, I am having a particularly rough patch in comment replying! I am sorry if you are one of the people I have flaked on recently! I'll try to do better. ♥


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