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AUGH, I'm just on such a good drama streak! Or more like, a drama-with-elements-that-feel-tailor-made-for-me streak! Since I only started watching this show due to some adorable graphics I saw on tumblr, I thought I owned it a mini pimp post! It's a coincidence that I finished putting this together on Valentine's Day but it's actually a very appropriate rec for the occasion! I mean, if you're feeling like something sweet and fluffy, sometimes the day inspires the opposite reaction. ;D

My Princess

How is this drama everything that good and sweet and charming in the world? Seriously, this drama is like having someone stop by and just hand me a ice cream sundae every week. Just… it's exactly what I want! I picked this one up when Gumiho was causing me too many feelings and too much inner strife (lol it's not even that serious of a drama, angst weakling alert!) and I was like, "You know what I need? A show about a girl finding out she's a princess." And somehow, magically, this show has lived up to that distillation! It really does feel like the promo pic above! It's not like everything is coming up roses for Lee Seol either, it's just that the heavier moments in the show never weighs me down. They just makes me excited for more!

With minimal spoilers but about fifteen caps, if you don't want to see little things! )


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