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Okay, at this point lj REALLY feels like a diary to me because I can’t imagine there are people still here to read it but [ profile] phrenk and I are doing another post-exchange for motivation! She makes sure to reel me into one at least once a year, bless her. ♥♥♥ This is mostly going to be about my current Big Fandom Upheaval because that just happened and was a drastic shift for me:

☀ I’m into a new fandom and it SAVED me. I’m currently tumbling a lot about Skam, a Norwegian show that I’m going to assume you got hit with gifs of at some point. It’s a really wonderful show, it’s basically a ~dream show for me? It’s soft and gay and emotionally hard-hitting and artistically rich and basically was the most nuanced breakdown of internalized homophobia I’ve ever seen, as well as a great portrayal of [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS]. The best first love story for a gay teen? A better show that I had even thought to hope for? Given me characters I care about more deeply than I have in years? I know love and its name is Skam Season Three. (There's also a really awesome girl squad that's a big focus of s1 & s2, it's just that s3 and the soft cuddling boys is what hooked me.)

Pictured: Why I started watching this show

☀ I say it SAVED me because it came along at just the right time to help break me free from One Direction. Which I really needed. Basically, being in that fandom had reached the point of daily suffering but it was hard to leave when my dash there was so fast moving and as much I do love JE, there’s just not enough fandom content to possibly replace the community I’d lose. Then comes along Skam, beautiful beautiful Skam that so many people are excited about, sweeping in to provide this rush of flailing as the fandom exploded from mid-November to mid-December. Which lined up p e r f e c t l y to my suffering reaching intolerable levels in early December. I basically had one day where I noped out and even though I still check back a couple times a week, I’m mentally free from the cycle now?? It feels soooooo good. I don’t think I can even tell you how good unless you know what it’s like to live as a larrie. It would almost be easier if my opinion had changed but it really hasn't, it's just the situation got too sad for me to watch anymore. :(

☀ Which also has the bonus of freeing up more mental energy to follow Arashi and Eito again?? I've been upping my dosage of Arashi and it's been doing me good. :) Like, I know I feel better about the world when I have them in my day yet somehow I still forget how much they cheer me up? They cheer me up a lot, I've been mainlining Arashi concerts in particular?? That's, like, the most pure concentrated happiness I can use to wash through me~ I really want to get back into watching the parts of old shows I haven't seen still again?? I think it's been enough years. I think it's time to stop saving them. :D And I'd totally fallen off the Eito wagon for a long time but now I'm getting back to them and I love them so~ I came back to an excellent Yasu hair era and what more could I want.

☀ Speaking of, today the Skam fandom had another nice surprise for me: I'm mutuals with someone who I don't talk to directly a lot but we exchange a lot of mutually complimentary tags about how much we like each other's thoughts and meta. She's really far more excited about my meta than I think it deserves!! Anyway, I struck up a chat with her today and it was going well, she was apologizing if she messed up prepositions in English since she's not a native speaker and tired and happened to bring up Japanese. And I was like "oh, I saw you tag in Japanese once and meant to say I was super excited??". Which led to:

her: i pretend i only care about cool skam meta but actually i like terrible japanese boybands
me: ...wait... do we know each other from Japanese boyband fandom and I just didn't realize it???
her: ajaksdjsd do you like them too :DD
me: hahaha YES!!!
her: wtfffff
i cannot believe you're into johnnys bc you seem so sensible???? is this conversation even real???
me: hahahahahahaha
I'm laughing SO much that I seem too sensible for Johnny's
I should take a picture of my DVD shelf right now :D
this IS so surreal though!!

She's a fellow Arashian who recently got into Kanjani8??? Also a longtime fan??? We had to stop each other at several points to say how surreal this felt. I mean, everyone on tumblr is into kpop! I would have never expected to randomly bump into a fellow Johnny's fan in a completely different fandom! Though actually I was telling her that one the people who translated Skam s3 as it aired (that she probably would know of) is an Arashian ("stormboxx" but you wouldn't necessarily assume it was that storm) so we're up to a count of three now. :D

☀ Also a pleasant surprise, my Skam sideblog might become my most followed blog after only a couple of months? It's not a big number for tumblr but it's a big number for me, especially since it's only been two months since I was shocked to get an anon because I thought only a few friends who followed me over there ever read what I was saying. It's nice because the thing I miss most from being a larrie is being a ~pillar of the community~ there. So even though follower counts aren't something I'm hung up on (I literally block it so I can't see it, I don't like being stressed by watching people unfollow), it's nice to feel like my blog is serving a purpose for people. My one true pride is that I tag everything by individual clip so it's very organized at least. :)

☀ It's funny there too because I follow a lot of larries-within-the-Skam-fandom and I have never seen a group of people so averse to drama, after what we've been through. Even worthwhile ~discourse within this fandom we're like "nope, see ya, I am literally just here for me, I'm sorry but no."

☀ My poor Arashi/personal blog @topazera is really suffering right now though. It's almost pure depressing politics at the moment. Probably like a lot of people, I can't figure out the best way to engage? It does motivate me to try and make a difference, seeing the community engagement on tumblr, but I haven't yet figured out how to strike a good balance. I need to remember to post other content, it's just sad to look at that blog now because all my fun stuff is over on my Skam sideblog.

☀ I'm on SUCH a TV drought though, since all I want to do is rewatch Skam. Let's see, I'm really only currently watching: The Flash (catching up after falling behind), Emerald City (featuring the Most Beautiful Face Ever Maybe, in Dorothy Gale) and my ongoing The OC rewatch with Val?? I reallyyyyy need to figure out what to start~

☀ Um, I feel like I should be unloading about my personal life but... that's not nearly as fun... maybe I'll save that for the next time Val needs further motivation to post and wants to do an exchange. Okay, a little preview is: my brother is currently really not doing well and living with him is hard because he's running on such a low calorie diet that it messes him up to even smell food? Which is obviously a problem when I like to use the kitchen to cook. But I just am so used to accommodating his needs that even though this isn't reasonable, I'm still letting it mess me up. I'll go way too long without eating and then be too tired to cook, trying not to step on his toes. I have a really low appetite anyway so the last thing I need is to be pushing off eating when I do happen to get hungry.

See, not nearly so fun~ Okaaaay, lj, see you for more content about fandoms you don't care about and depressing real life fun facts soon! :D
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People still need wallpapers, right? That's a thing we still post... somewhere? :D Well, I'm posting them here. XD Two Arashi wallpapers for the latest release of Sakura. I really dug the vibe of the PV but wanted something higher res than what straight screenshots could give me... so here's my take on dark and flowery. ♥

+1 more )
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HOLD THE PHONE, it's a REAL POST on my LJ!! To thank for this miracle is (of course) Val/[ profile] phrenk, who subtly mentioned she was making a POST on LJ of caps of Arashi things. Y'know, just in case I might like to do the same~ It turned out I did. ♥ I know I say this like a broken record, but man, lj is deservedly missed for its long form posting format! It's just not the same to post a series of caps on tumblr. ♥

So as follows, a whole bunch of whatever Arashi caps I randomly took for no purpose over the past few months! Don't worry, I don't expect comments on sleepy lj~ ♥ My only wish is: please don't post these on tumblr, as I have my own tumblr which these may get posted on in the future! Thank you, dear lj survivors who deserve some exclusive content anyway~ :D

Okay, since I don't know how to be a human that doesn't take these caps all the time, your obligatory Ohmiya-on-the-couch section of my AnS caps! :D
Assorted AnS eps from #20-70 idk but no spoilers! )

Various AnS moments I've meant to go back and gif
I'm sorry, I don't remember the ep, one in the 20s-30s! )

AnS #49 2007.09.10 )

AnS #55 2007.10.22 )
AnS #60 2007.11.26 )

AnS #63 2007.12.17 )

AnS #68 2008.01.28 )

AnS #72 2008.02.25 )

AnS #73 2008.03.03 )

Now for some random VSA caps, which I am sure all felt extremely important at the time taken. :D
Various VSA but no spoilers~ )

Because drunk fishing Ohno is so important.
Shiyagare #196 2014.11.08 )

Nino exemplifying everyone who has to work on a Saturday
Shiyagare #196 2014.11.08 )


Oct. 1st, 2014 06:49 pm
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HI, my never very frequently updated lj! An update: I'm got the chance to do something interesting and I'm currently trying my hand at living in Hawaii for a few months! Since lj is still my favorite way to organize photos and I wanted to share them for a few people anyway, onwards to a where-I-am-living-now post!

Click if you like nosing around people's places :D )
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Hey lj! I've been wanting for a while to get back in the swing of posting something and I think the mail truck is going to beat out other potential posts... my Popcorn CD arrived! :D This may be a little late but my Popcorn boom was delayed a bit by a) waiting for my copy of the CD to listen and b) Hurricane Sandy, which struck almost exactly when my CD shipped, causing it to be redirected to Alaska while I woefully waited without power for four days. XD BUT I think that experience made it enjoy my first listen all the more soooo I'm going to count this one as a waiting success! :D

I have unleashed my excitement in two ways: thoughts about the album that got way too long and wallpapers that have way too many versions! Please feel free to skip either if you are interested in one. :)

Thoughts on the album... )

15 wallpapers + alternates )

And a quick life update, I'm going to visit my dear Val in Indiana tomorrow!! It's all very exciting, my visit to her kept getting pushed off and pushed off so I'm very gleeful the day is finally here. ♥ I expect my life to get a 1000% increase in Arashi and drama irl fangirling soon~
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So, unfortunately, I haven't kept up with posting every week! What a shame! I really loved posting more frequently. I miss photoshop and lady posts and random screencaps! I've really been far more removed from lj than I'd like. BUT I do have a reason for the drop off as I've had a lot on my mind recently. Including some DEVELOPMENTS--

In chronological order, with some things of lesser importance in here to mix it up a little. Plus, pictures, I always feel like I need visual aids~ XD
Too much news for your flist to handle! :) )

5) Most importantly but also what I've been nervous to actually talk about and make real, I am going to Japan for the summer. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh~ I've been to Japan once before but that was eleven years ago now! I was in high school and I went along with the Rotary Club who arranged everything for me, so it was really a whole different kind of experience. This time I'm going with my brother, we're aiming for moderately-inexpensive-by-comparison trip by doing a couple homestays and some hostels/dormitories. I KIND OF CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING AND WE LEAVE ON JUNE 13TH alsdkla;dfgl. But it's a good time, neither of us has commitments right now and we might as well do something memorable with the time!

I'm sure at some point I will be really excited but right now, I'm incredibly nervous??Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and have a minor panic attack. XD It's just so much to plan, trying to figure out where we're going to be and how we'll get there! This was a pretty last-minute trip that's mostly being arranged for my brother's sake and I'm just the companion. And planner. XD Plus, I understand more Japanese than I speak and I certainly can't read more than a few kanji so I'm still not sure about how I'll get around in day to day life! I'm especially concerned about transportation, both buying the tickets and figuring out how to get on the right stuff! Buses! I'm not very good at buses even when they are in English! I'm trying to tell myself that I can only take it a day at a time but it's hard not to worry in advance. :)

SO, if anyone on my flist has any Japan experience/will be in the country and wouldn't mind fielding an occasional omg I'm confused question, I'd really, really appreciate it? :D It would be reassuring to have a language-emergency contact. :) I know a couple people with be there, like [ profile] felixkeep! Though I'm not sure if I'll be in the same place as anyone, I think we'll be spending a lot of time in the Kansai area. WOW, I'M STILL IN DENIAL THAT I'M ACTUALLY GOING. :D Any general travel advice would be much appreciated too! Really, I'm very open to anything. :D

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I take a lot of caps that I don't wind doing anything with, I just can't resist documenting the moment. So I thought it might be fun to do a little post of caps I probably wouldn't use otherwise! With cuts for each section, it case there are spoilers for you. :)

Youkai Ningen Bem (no spoilers) )

Luther (slight spoilers for the pilot) )

Ohno in HnA 2012.01.19 with Ishihara Satomi )

Oshima Yuko's Face! )

A Jim/Pam The Office Rewatch )

Karina on AnS #31 2007.04.30 )

Adam Couple in WGM Horror Special )

Mogura Team in DnA #76 2004.12.15 )
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Oh, Beautiful World Tour! You may not actually be a world tour but I'm still feeling the love halfway around the world. ♥♥ So, I thought I'd share the little part of love I contributed to the "Beautiful World": art! Art I made in real life, whaaat! :D I'd actually planned to make a post about this months ago but then I got all self-conscious. [ profile] phrenk's birthday has given the final push to get this posted! Happy Birthday, Val. :)

So in case it passed you by, there was a notice put up on Johnny's Net: Arashi entreating their fans to send them art, whatever makes up their "beautiful world", for the upcoming tour! When asked "Will you help participate in the concert?", I thought immediately " YES, I really want to do this".

Overly lengthy making of! )

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My Favorite Person™, Val, is currently going through a stressful period of her life. While she currently has a lot more to think about than the internet, I want to leave this here as an easily accessible dose of love for whenever she inevitably comes online and needs it. Val, I love you and am sending you positive waves right now! I hope you're able to take things one step at a time and no matter what, I'm proud of you for making changes in your life. In lieu of hugs, please accept this spam of our mutual favorite persons. It's time for a...


Jump on if you like dorkery, candids and miscellaneous old photos! )
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More wallpapers! On my last Gantz wallpaper post I said that if people wanted to see some other H 2011.03 images as wallpapers, I'd give it a shot. I got some takers so you get some more wallpapers!

+ alternates )
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I have been on such a Nino/Gantz/Gantz-related PR kick recently. Nino on the airwaves 24/7? Nino on a movie screen? OMG SIGN ME UP, MORE NINO YES, BRING IT! So yeah, I personally needed a desktop switch for the season of Nino and I thought I'd share. :) Happy Gantz Release Day, everyone!

+ alternates )
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Okay, I needed a bit of time to collect myself but I want to make my WOOOOOO GANTZ post! For my experience, I met up with [ profile] phrenk and saw this grand World Premiere Event in NYC! (I sadly did not sell my kidney to pay for last minute flight to LA. for a one night event but Nino makes me seriously contemplate doing these things. XD)

So, first of all, I'm a loser who gets really excited about dressing on a theme so I'd started planning my outfit for Gantz four days before Gantz. So I might as well show you my process because I'm secretly a sucker for outfit snaps and I'm always nosily interested in what my own lj friends wear. ♥

I took this opportunity to dress Terminator chic and now I think I should more often. XD )

Way too much detail for just seeing Nino live via satellite, ahaha! Not spoilery for Gantz other than my overall reaction to it. )
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Okay, I know it's been a while since Christmas but since I'm rather slow on the draw: I wanted to do a post on my favorite Christmas "gifts"! Here "gifts" reads as the little things that made my holiday season and includes a lot of televised things. As that's how I roll. :D

Gift #1: The sunrise on Christmas Day, as seen from my bedroom window.
Behind the cut you will find irl pics, Kouhaku ladies, a pimp of a delightful Lifetime TV movie, V6, Arashi and Eito love! )
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Watch out, folks, it's a Hanson post!

OKAY #1: I finally got to go to another show! November 15th! Northampton, MA! And it was awesome. I went with my dad, who legitimately loves Hanson in his own right. He's owned copies of the last three CDs and listens to them all the time in his car. And we had fourth row seats and rocked out and he even went so far as to jump up and down with me. They played the kickass opening medley and Oh Darlin' and CAN'T STOP and five MoN songs and they seriously almost killed me when the last seven songs were super high energy. I had to collapse into a chair and just breathe for like ten minutes afterwards. But it would have been a happy death, especially for twelve-year-old me. During the encore when Tay came over to grabs people's hands, I surged forward and seriously caught his eye as he was about to walk away and he grabbed my hand last. Okay, I know, nowadays we walk right next to them during the walks before all the shows and it's no big deal but twelve-year-old me remembers and is now fulfilled. :DDDD

(And then unrelatedly, I then got to spend the week with [ profile] phrenk and we watched a ton of JE (DnA's AnA with PEANUT COFFEE, Udauda SP, format switch with MOGURA TEAM and CRYBABY TEAM and COSPLAY FINALLY. And then KAME IN KIMONO, leaping into waterworks and kind of pulling a Tackey (also known as flying all over the venue) and KOKI'S SURPRISE MOTORCYCLE/SHIRT REMOVAL in a solo that began with CLOWNS. And many other !!!! things!)/Kisarazu Cat's Eye/Skins/Life/Capital Scandal and that was just as awesome a part of the trip which is saying a lot. ♥♥)

#2: My 5 of 5 DVDs came in the mail today! For those who remember, that was the series of concerts I went to in May in which they play all five of their albums, one per night. Now since I never finished those posts (posting five days in a week was just too much for me XD) and I'm now watching the DVDs one per day, I thought I'd try this once again! So, HANSON WEEK 2.0! I actually have several Hanson posts I meant to make so I'm going to try to finish them up this week. I'm just working on Hanson time, you guys.

A few thoughts on Night 1 and the 5 of 5 DVDs so far! )

And now, for the first "thing I made a while ago and have been meaning to post"! Basically, if you ordered the fanciest album package for the last record, the Hansons painted you an original painting to go with it. There were 113 people who did it (myself not one of them really sadly) and so, 113 paintings! (As capped in the video here.)
Cut for giant graphic! )

And one final thing, I would be really super thankful to anyone who would go play their latest single on Youtube! We Hanson fans have been trying to get the view count up to one million because they promised us a Christmas concert in return! Though we've missed our deadline and the fate of the Christmas show remains undecided (I think they'll do it anyway because they love us but who knows!), any help would be beyond fantastic! (If you want to actually watch it too, it's pretty entertaining if I do say so myself! There is dorky dancing and a Blues Brothers parody and Weird Al playing the tambourine. ♥)
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hahaha, I don't even know! I saw the Wink Up 2010.12 and at first was like "OH MAN, they gave Aiba a monkey! I love how in an idol mag, it's a JOB to track the developments in their lives. Thanks for the visual aid, Wink Up!" BUT THEN BUT THEN, I SAW OHNO AND THIS CAT, YOU GUYS. He was cracking up at this cat. He was imitating the expression of this smushy-faced cat.
Val: OHNO'S CAT HAS THE CRAZIEST FACE. on that last page, the off-shot-esque page? it looks like if you removed the fur it would be some sort of deep sea monster! with a GAPING MAW.
Top: hahaha YES
I often think that animals people call ugly-cute are just cute BUT THAT CAT IS UGLY-CUTE. <3
And there you have it:

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The day has come! I finally have tackled my own loving feelings when faced with a making of: I capped, I sorted, I conquered! It's quite the process to turn all the keysmashing my thoughts are reduced to into words and pictures but I attempted it.

This PV really might as well be entitled "Caring for Leader: A Guide" with the subtitle "Three Different Methods from Three Different Experts!". The entire making of is basically members loving on Ohno in their own special ways. Plus Aiba being adorable and adorably lonely without them. ♥

And now, the Making of Love Rainbow! Douzo~

I won't move from this spot until you promise to wait for me. )
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Man, so, I had quite the week last week. It's been a while since I had a week with so many ups and downs. XD Here, I'll catalog them:

Last Weekend: (+) Went to the beach! Sand! Sun! The sound of the ocean as I read!♥
Monday: (-) Spent an hour worrying out of my skull when my dad burst in and said "Your brother crashed his bike, we'll either be back in fifteen minutes or we're at the hospital". Thankfully not as serious as that hour of working had me thinking it would be!
Tuesday: (+) NEW LAPTOP ARRIVED! My first new computer in seven years! Wooo, it can play 700p files without a hiccup instead of crashing when asked to load a page with a gif on it! XD
Wednesday: (-) Ordinary trip to the orthodontist suddenly becomes "So, you have a choice to make: you should get four teeth pulled or all of this will be for nothing and revert after we take the braces off! Call you in two days for your answer, see ya!" D: D: D:
Thursday: (+) Boku no Miteiru Fukei arrives! I promptly fall in love. ♥
Friday: (-) I spend all day in a state of stress, worrying about what to say when my orthodontist calls… he never does. XD BUT ALSO, (+) ARASHI ON MS! Troublemaker never fails to make me feel all is right with the world. ♥

A little further explanation, partially cribbed from my conversations with people. Probably not of much interest to my lovely lj friends except if you have had teeth issues, I would love for other people to chime in!

A little bit storytelling and a little bit Arashi caps. XD )

Okay, now back to my very important plans for this week: inhaling as much girl pop as possible. XD
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I've just crossed an important JE threshold: I've started buying singles. D: I was in Kinokuniya today and could not resist buying a copy of To Be Free (with the special pretty booklet, kill me now!) and two copies of Wonderful World since I couldn't decide between Prologue of Patch and the RE with the remixes and pretty cover (okay, I was always going to get Prologue of Patch. XD) SORRY, WALLET, YOU WILL NEVER BE FULL AGAIN. At least I drank again my spending choices with five dollar margaritas afterwards (and a mint julep, I like those). XD

In other news: whatever we are calling it, I am beyond excited for NatsuKoi-NatsuNiji-KoiNiji-NEW JUN AND TAKEUCHI YUKO DRAMA. Just when I was getting over my shellshock from the announcement of the casting (TAKEUCHI YUKO, y'all. TAKEUCHI YUKO + JUN), the CM came out. Then we got the news that Arashi is doing the theme for a getsu9 drama and the title is "LOVE RAINBOW". If there was ever a PV that implied we'd be going back to rainbow imagery and/or (I'm hoping "and") coating everyone in rainbow colors, it's this one. After that near brush with death, we get a TAKEUCHI YUKO ON VSA preview.

Life is good. ♥♥ (Be warned: I may be make five million versions of TAKEUCHI YUKO AND JUN, IN RAINBOWS by the time this drama ends. :DD)
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So this was meant t be the answer to [ profile] skycouldfall 's very simple question on Tumblr: "Who do you like and don’t like in JE?" However, since I'm me, it turned into a longer ramble than I thought it would be so I'm posting this here. Also, since I'm me, all I wrote was: a) what I think of them as a ~person~ and uh, not their looks or acting or music and b) wavering somewhere between empathetic and embarrassingly sincere. I CAN'T EVEN APOLOGIZE FOR THIS, THIS IS HOW INVESTED I AM. (Other things I would apologize for. XD )

Disclaimer! This is a post about what I think and feel (as you will probably get from how many times I use the words "think" and "feel", I'm really stretching the vocab with this one). It isn't necessarily accurate representation of anyone, in fact there are cases where I'm probably wrong and there would be easy evidence to refute it. But I am only thinking and feeling with what I know. Such is life! Also, my default position towards everyone is warmth which means both that everything is said with some degree of that and you shouldn't come here if objectivity or criticism is important to you. :)

Cut for blathering! )

Oh also, I am having a particularly rough patch in comment replying! I am sorry if you are one of the people I have flaked on recently! I'll try to do better. ♥
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Okay, so, I'm on a quest to celebrate all the Arashi birthdays this year. Well, "this year" starting from Ohno's. It was kind of wearing me out to resize and color caps (yet I loved making the banner) so this time I thought I could try a win/win solution: icons! They are tiny and you can take them home with you if you so choose! ~Genius!~ ...I would have tried to do 28 of them but I just thought of that now. XD

Happy 28th Birthday, Sho-kun!
TEASER! Icon 002 TEASER! Icon 005 TEASER! Icon 007
I stole the title in that 'just an idol' style you look down on )


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