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HOLD THE PHONE, it's a REAL POST on my LJ!! To thank for this miracle is (of course) Val/[ profile] phrenk, who subtly mentioned she was making a POST on LJ of caps of Arashi things. Y'know, just in case I might like to do the same~ It turned out I did. ♥ I know I say this like a broken record, but man, lj is deservedly missed for its long form posting format! It's just not the same to post a series of caps on tumblr. ♥

So as follows, a whole bunch of whatever Arashi caps I randomly took for no purpose over the past few months! Don't worry, I don't expect comments on sleepy lj~ ♥ My only wish is: please don't post these on tumblr, as I have my own tumblr which these may get posted on in the future! Thank you, dear lj survivors who deserve some exclusive content anyway~ :D

Okay, since I don't know how to be a human that doesn't take these caps all the time, your obligatory Ohmiya-on-the-couch section of my AnS caps! :D
Assorted AnS eps from #20-70 idk but no spoilers! )

Various AnS moments I've meant to go back and gif
I'm sorry, I don't remember the ep, one in the 20s-30s! )

AnS #49 2007.09.10 )

AnS #55 2007.10.22 )
AnS #60 2007.11.26 )

AnS #63 2007.12.17 )

AnS #68 2008.01.28 )

AnS #72 2008.02.25 )

AnS #73 2008.03.03 )

Now for some random VSA caps, which I am sure all felt extremely important at the time taken. :D
Various VSA but no spoilers~ )

Because drunk fishing Ohno is so important.
Shiyagare #196 2014.11.08 )

Nino exemplifying everyone who has to work on a Saturday
Shiyagare #196 2014.11.08 )


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