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Ha, so I realize I'm a drama season (or more) behind, but I'm really happy in the dramas I'm currently watching and thought "HEY, I haven't posted about that in a while!". Right now I'm super into:
1) Freeter, Ie wo Kau: Well, I actually just finished it today but I haven't yet moved on. SO GOOD. I seriously have nothing to say just because it fulfilled all my needs and wishes. (Except I could use more kissing. ALWAYS MORE KISSING, JAPAN. XD)
2) Uta no Onii-san: I have two episodes left! As assumed, I LOVE it. YANO KENTA and his face!! MANABE-SAN! hahaha, oh yeah, I'm watching two Maru supporting roles at once. XD Anyway, I'd heard a lot about Manabe-san before watching the show but I've also been pleasantly surprised by his sister Sakura (who is RAD BEYOND THE TELLING and I kind of want to be her), our Uta no Onee-san, Urara and his ex-girlfriend Akane (possibly it has something to do with needing Ohno to look at more people like this). So many ladies in this show! ♥ But YES, my love for YANO KENTA: COMPLAINER and MANABE-SAN: LADY WHO KICKS ASS and EVERYONE ELSE is boundless. :DD
3) The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry: Just HEARTEYES. I really need to post about that next because I love everything about the first seven episodes. Also I need these people to make-out or I may die. PLEASE DON'T SPOIL ME FOR ANYTHING, I NEED TO LIVE IMAGINING EVERYTHING CONTINUES TO BE THIS ~DELIGHTFUL~.
and the target of this post 4) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I've really enjoyed this show from the beginning, the fairytale feel is something I very much dig and the two lead actors are both so great. Though Gu Mi Ho is definitely a show stealer. Yet, it wasn't until episode seven that I really thought that I love this show. So I thought I'd do a little breakdown of moments in that episode that reduced me to total squee. :) Please excuse that these images are both gigantic and numerous, I didn't post this until now because I got overambitious in making things pretty and had left it unfinished.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: Episode 7! Really extensive spoilers for that ep as I loved a lot of stuff! )

Note: I am only on episode 11 so unfortunately I can't actually talk about the conclusion of the show with people. Sorry and please don't tell me anything! ♥


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